Gift of math


Film Director Marc Webb and Writer Tom Flynn delivered a warm, heartfelt message about the need to love and be loved in the movie “Gifted.” The movie released on April 7 and brought many families to the theaters to experience a single man raising a child prodigy.

Single uncle Frank Adler (Chris Evans) raises his seven-year-old niece, Mary (Mckenna Grace), who is offered a scholarship to a private school for gifted children, but he turns it down. Adler believes that his sister would have wanted Mary to experience a normal childhood. Mary’s maternal-grandmother wants to gain custody since she believes that Mary is a mathematical prodigy who should be specially tutored in preparation for a life devoted to mathematics. Adler results to putting Mary in foster care near him with her going to a private school, but he finds out that his mother is looking over Mary’s education. He has to figure out a way to get Mary back and let her live a normal childhood.

So far ‘Gifted” has made close to $5 million in the week and a half that it has been in theaters.

Q&A: Veronica Gonzalez (9)


Veronica Gonzalez (9) poses with her Doodle for Google project. Gonzalez represented the state of Indiana in the contest.

Q&A originally published on February 27, 2017 on

Q: How did you get involved in the Doodle for Google contest?

A: [I got involved because of] my Intro to 2D art class.

Q: What was your inspiration for your doodle?

A: I’m just so intrigued about the universe since it’s a mystery and so immense.

Q: Was it hard to come up with a design?

A: At the beginning I was kind of stuck and not really motivated since I saw the past winners of the contest and felt discouraged. There were so many endless possibilities for the future so it was hard to think of what to base my doodle on.

Q: How did you overcome your uncertainty for your doodle?

A: I started listening to music and dedicating some time to thinking of the future and drawing. I eventually started getting more and more ideas and got motivated.

Q: How long did you have to create your doodle?

A:  In the beginning I had a completely different idea, [but I had] a week. It took me about three days [to make my doodle].

Q: How does it feel to be representing Indiana in the Doodle for Google contest?

A: I’m so honored and grateful. It’s just unbelievable.


Winning against the wolves


Bailey Fehrman (10) and Meghan Long (10) try to get the ball away from the opposing team. The final score was 57-17.

Story originally published on December 14, 2016 on

On Friday, Dec. 9, the girls JV basketball team played against Michigan City. The girls defeated the Wolves with a final score of 57-17.

“I think we all played really well and we came out strong. We handled Michigan City’s pressure well and played a good defense. I love when Coach Gray draws up a play and it works perfectly,” Meghan Long (10) said.

The team had motivation to continue their winning streak this season. The girls were able to learn from past games and improve their plays.

“We definitely had a lot of motivation going in by hearing that Michigan City really wanted to beat us on our home court and ruin our winning streak. Every game we’re always hoping that we can play smarter and stronger than the other team,” Madison Dulski (9) said.

The girls feel that they have a strong season ahead of them and look forward to continue their winning streak.

“I’m feeling excited to play East Chicago; it should be a tough game, but we all love a tough game.” Long said.

The next girls JV basketball game is against Marian Catholic High School on Tuesday, Dec. 20, at 10:30 a.m.

A night of celebration


Vehicles are parked while people gather in Centennial Park. The people were gathering at Munster’s annual Independence Day Celebration on Sunday, July 3.

Story originally published on July 13, 2016 on

The town of Munster, Ind. held their annual Independence Day Celebration on Sunday, July 3 at Centennial Park.

“I went [to see the fireworks] because I love watching fireworks, and it’s a great way to spend time with your loved ones,” Dakota Barnett (12) said.

Aside from the fireworks, there were different concessions and live music, featuring “Classical Blast.”

“I really liked being able to grab some food, listen to music and then watch the fireworks,” Ryan Zega (12) said.

Munster held their second part of the Independence Day Celebration on Monday, July 4 with their annual parade, which started at Fisher/Calumet Avenue at 2:00 p.m.

Lake Central 2016 Prom King Jacob Kiefor

Prom King and Queen: Jacob Kiefor (12) and Melanie Stepanovic (12)

Photo Credit Received on:

The Times: Online and Print Editions

The Times Editorial: Online and Print Editions

The Times Editorial: Online and Print Editions

When I originally took this photo I didn’t think too much about it; I figured it would maybe make the yearbook as a prom photo, but that’s about it. I first received credit for this photo when someone contacted my publications asking if they could use my photo on a website. I then woke up one morning and was surprised to see that my photo was in the Times. I had the same reaction when I heard it was in the Editorial. Now in July, I found out that my photo was used again for an article about the West Lake program. After seeing it with the article I realized a huge thing that my photo portrays: unity. I’m so happy that I got to capture this amazing moment in a photo.


Personal Statement: Hi, my name is Brianna Sarkisian. I was in Lake Central Publications and had the position of a photo editor for two years. I want to go into or around the field of photography after high school.

Education: Lake Central High School Graduate 2018.

Awards and Recognition: Honor Roll since 5th grade, 2016-2017 Photo Editor, Photo featured in the Times and the Editorial

Things I do: Member of Lake Central Publications, Babysit neighbors’ kids and younger family members

Jobs: N/A

Additional Skills: I am experienced in using Photoshop and  InDesign.

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Hi there, my name is Brianna Sarkisian, but better known as “Bri”. This website showcases my work from Lake Central Publications, as well as my personal photography. I’m not sure what I want to do after high school, but it would be my dream to get into the field of professional photography.