Dollars for scholars organizes new semi-formal dance

Story originally published in 2016 edition of Quiver yearbook.

Often, there is more work behind an event than meets the eye. The semi-formal Homecoming dance, donning the theme “Club Blue,”was held on Sept. 26 in the Rotunda. Dollars for Scholars was assigned the task of planning it.

“The location was definitely an issue because we wanted it here at the school, but we couldn’t use the gym. We tried to find a location that the students would enjoy and fit everyone that was coming,” Ms. Ashley Kline, Guidance, said.

However, choosing the location was only one task to check off the checklist.

“We haven’t had a [semi-formal Homecoming dance], so this was a first. It’s always difficult because we have to figure out where to have it, what type of attire to wear, [how] to make [the] cost affordable, decorations and [a] theme,” Asst. Principal Tim Powers said.

Despite the difficulties, the Homecoming dance went smoothly. The administration was a little worried about the outcome but were satisfied with the result.

“I was happy [with the dance]. The format was perfect. I wish more students would’ve purchased tickets and gone. [However], it was a great start. We had phenomenal support from the Dollars for Scholars students and the parents who run the organization,” Mr. Powers said.

The success of the dance benefited the students by providing over $6,000 of scholarship money for the class of 2016.

“Dollars for Scholars made a good amount of money from this dance, so that [will] be helpful to the class of 2016 for their scholarships,” Katrina Lozanoski (11) said.

The dance provided more than just scholarship money for the students. It also left them with reminiscent memories.

“I think [the dance] went great. I’ve only ever seen positive comments by everybody. There was actually a group of senior girls that came up to [Asst. Principal Marty] Freeman during the dance and said that it was the best dance that they’ve ever been to. We’re all very excited. It was a big team effort, but it was a success. We are looking forward to [the dance] next year,” Ms. Kline said.


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